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Theatre Digs

Before we were a posh guest house, we always have done and always will do theatre digs.

Here are some recommendations taken from our visitor’s book from some of the rather wonderful people who have stayed with us over the years, from either the Crucible or Lyceum Theatres.

Suzanne Burden
I have had the most wonderful time in Sheffield, doing a part I loved in a play I love with a company I love and living with a family I love – all of you !

Kim Hartman
What a perfect week ! Best digs ever !!

Bill Bingham
Probably the best gaff in the whole country.

Ben Turner – son
“I can honestly say this place is a home away from home”

Graham Turner – dad
“didn’t want to leave ! FANTASTIC………. And I got my washing + ironing done, don’t tell anyone though!”

David Bedella
Had the most amazing stay ! the house was warm, homely, inviting and I frequently opted to spend evenings before the fire, instead of playing with cast mates.

Karl Clarkson
Question: why can’t people be more like Penny Slack? Answer: because then she’d no longer be a rare breed, something to write about. Watch this space. There’s a book here somewhere. ‘Tales of the City II – The Revenge’ you have been wonderful!

Glynn Grain
"A lot of guests have called Quarry House a home from home, In my case it's rather nicer than home. I'm considering moving in permenantly"

Colin Tarrant
"As an actor of 30 years experience, I have extensive experience of living in digs. These are the best I've come across."

Heather Peace
Lives up to it’s description on the digs list “magic and peaceful”

Cathy Hill
What a joy to return to your wonderful home and find it surpassed my very fond memories from last year.

Lexi Strauss
My first professional theatre engagement, and I found myself staying in the middle of an enchanted wood, with the Slacks. A most unusual and warm, caring family who have remained my friends ever since.

Sandy Duncan
Lovely family home, away from the hustle and bustle of Sheffield, close to glorious countryside.

Marcus D’Amico
Thank you for your generosity + Joy

Scott Handy
An extraordinary welcoming port in October seas. Many many thanks for the beautiful bed – the nourishing morning nutrients + the midnight advice.

Julie Coombe
We arrived at the end of our tethers and a week with you has pulled us back from the brink.

Michael Begley
Thankyou Penny, for fulfilling my Barbary Lane fantasy. You have succeeded in creating a very magical home from home. An Oasis on the adventure. Sheffield will never seem far away now. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to relax here and recuperate.

Ray Fearon
A warm and refreshing time in a fantastic house. Superb surroundings in a welcoming, friendly place and moreover, people I can call friends.

Andrew Scott (Moriaty from Sherlock)
This actor stayed with us for 6 weeks!

Our best guest ever.
14 June 1952 – 26 January 2012